Outstanding Mixing (paid per stem)


Mixing is the devision of all the elements in your track. A new mixdown done by an engineer with fresh ears (Which where not involved in the production process) will increase your mix. There is no better way to improve your track.



Martijn, our engineer, will make your mix sound amazing.

Why outstanding mixing?

  • 25 minutes spent per stem by our engineer
  • Delivered within 4 days
  • 2 Feedback moments (Interim check)
  • Extended Professional Mixdown
  • SAE Institute Graduated Audio Engineer
  • Money back guerantee
  • Pay after receiving mixdown
  • € 12.90 PER STEM

Excellent threatment of your mixdown. If you are serious about your music, this could be something for you! The SAE Graduated Audio Engineer of DaimoonMarket will make serious technical improvement in your production.

Order Steps

1 Render all the stems at -4db to -6db headroom
2 Count all your stems, so you can indicate your price
3 Upload your zip including stems in -6db headroom here:
4 We send you a high quality preview when your mixdown is complete.
5 You can give us feedback or accept the mixdown.
6 After you agree, you can make your payment.
When you don’t like it, there is no commitment to pay.

Pay safe with  PP_logo_h_100x26



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